Disciples II: Gold Edition PC Game Free Download

Disciples II Gold is a turn-based fantasy pc game comprised of the awarding winning Disciples II Dark Prophecy and its critically acclaimed expansions sets. Control over 200 unique characters across 5 massive campaigns. Whether you are a beginner or an expert Disciples II Gold offers hundreds of game play hours for all levels.

Disciples II Gold Edition

Disciples II: Gold Edition Key Features:

  1. Unlimited upgrade possible on all units and leaders.
  2. Over 200 individually animated units and over 100 animated spells.
  3. Each race has a unique Saga (campaign) that tells the story from its own perspective.
  4. Multiplayer supports up to 4 players through hot-seat, LAN or Internet.
  5. Campaign editor allows you to make your own custom campaigns.
  6. Import/ Export leader function allows you to use developed leaders in multiplayer games or stand-alone quests.
  7. Five races to choose from
  8. Five campaigns
  9. Maps for all levels from beginner to high level

Disciples II: Gold Edition PC Game Free Download

Disciples II: Gold Edition is normally priced at $19.99, but it is totally free until Saturday 1100 UTC! To grab the game, simply go to the giveaway page and click on the “Buy Now” button to get it  – you won’t be asked for any details! Note that Disciples II: Gold Edition supports only Windows XP (does not supports Vista and 7).