DiskFerret Personal Free Full Version Serial Key

Data Storage and Management is Expensive. Over the years, disk space has become fairly inexpensive, but programs and data files are expanding just as fast as prices drop on hard disc. No matter how much drive space is available it eventually gets used up, slows your system and network down, and you get cramped for space. And, it’s expensive to maintain and manage ever increasing backups. DiskFerret can reduce your cost by helping you quickly find and eliminate unwanted or unused data.

DiskFerret is a disk and folder analysis and management tool that analyzes the files within a drive, network share, or folder, and provides charts and detailed information to help you understand where and how disk space is being used. You can think of DiskFerret as a measuring device that you use to determine what is going on inside your disk drive. A variety of interactive charts are provided that allow you to quickly drill down and isolate files based on different criteria such as largest folders and files, oldest files, duplicate files, files by owner, and more. Once you’ve located the unwanted files that are wasting disk space, DiskFerret provides the tools to delete them, or ZIP them up for archiving!


DiskFerret Key Features:

  • Fast visual feedback of disk usage by size, type, date, attribute, or owner.
  • Quickly identify where disk space is being used.
  • Eliminate unwanted, unused, temporary, backup and obsolete files.
  • View disk space by size, type, attribute, owner.
  • Find duplicate files.
  • Continuously monitor free space
  • Scheduled scans save you time
  • Email notification of low disk space conditions
  • Quickly identify the largest, smallest, oldest or newest files.
  • Identify file owners using the most space.
  • Pre-configured and customizable filters to analyze by file type, name, date, and size. (includes regular expression support)
  • Global exclude filters to eliminate specified folders and files, or files with specified attributes, from scans.
  • Quickly remove space wasting junk files and protect your privacy with the Cleanup Wizard.
  • Print any data view.
  • Reduce cost of data management.

DiskFerret Free Full Version Serial Key

DiskFerret normally charges $29.95 per serial number / license key. Download.hr are having a giveaway of DiskFerret Personal  2.2, where everyone can download a full version copy for free. Offer expires in a about 4 days at time of post.

1. Interested users just need to visit the registration page here, and submit your name and email.

2. An email will be sent to you with the activation code. If the e-mail hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes, please check your spam, junk mail or promotions mail folder to locate it.

3. Download DiskFerret and install it: DiskFerretSetup.exe [5.9 MB].

4. To activate the software select Help -> Activate License, and enter your activation code into the dialog.