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Download 10 Nice PC Games Free @ offers free download of 10 nice PC games for any new member ( limited to 1 game per new account). Games include:

  1. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent
  2. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
  3. Silent Hunter 4 Gold Edition
  4. Heroes of Might and Magic V Gold Edition
  5. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Lockdown
  6. The Settlers: Heritage of Kings
  7. Anno 1503: Gold Edition (German Language Only)
  8. Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc
  9. Driver 4 Parallel Lines
  10. Horsez: The Wild Mustangs


To download your desired free game, Follow below steps:

1. Go to the promo page (Page in German, use Google Translate or Google Chrome in which the translation process will work automatically), and click on the game that you want.

2. Click the green “Gratis downloaden” button on the right in the new webpage.

3. You will be asked to create a account. Simply enter your email address and 2x password, then click “Anmelden” (register) button.

4. You will get an email from< > with an confirmation link shortly. Click on “Meine E-Mail Adresse bestätigen” link to confirm your registration.

5. On the opened page, click on the “Speichern” (save) button. You do not need to enter any more info.

6. After that, you will get another email from< >. Click on the “Spiel jetzt herunterladen!” Link and you will be take to your order page where you can find your free serial number & download link for the free game.

Optional & Advised: you can edit your profile from this link to deactivate Newsletters.

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