Download 9 Mac Apps for Free With License is offering 9 awesome Mac Apps completely free for everyone. The total value of the giveaway is $93  and you can select your desired software programs from these nine full version Mac Apps:

  1. MainMenu – a powerful maintenance tool to keep your Mac in shape
  2. Corporate Style Packs: Enterprise – completely trouble-free Tempates for Apple iWork Pages
  3. Vinyls – the perfect companien app for all your music needs.
  4. SnipEdges – a drag-and-drop snippet manager. It keeps frequently used bits of text, images, … readily available.
  5. Papier – a perfect companion app for writers. Tools like word counting and more are on board and make writing even more productive. All common text file formats are supported.
  6. Cockpit – the missing Mac control center for all your apps and tasks. Use Cockpit for running almost any task with a click of a button.
  7. CloudJot – a beautiful notepad designed for quick note taking. Further more CloudJot syncs your notes with Dropbox so your notes are always with you.
  8. Astroslugs – a colorful and soothing puzzle board game for your Mac.
  9. Sudoku Uno – an elegant implementation of the popular Sudoku game. It’s pleasing interface wraps an extensive feature set that makes “Sudoku Uno” stand out of the crowd.

And the first 5000 participants will get Chronicle added to the bundle for free. Chronicle is the easy way to manage your bills and finances.

Download 9 Mac Apps for Free With License

Go to the giveaway here:, and click on the red “GET Now!” button, and follow two easy steps  to download your bundle with license for free. The giveaway ends at 5/7/2012 0:00GMT.