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Download Abstract Bright, Abstract Dark, ASUS & Intel, And Waterfalls Windows 7 Theme Packs

Microsoft is constantly pushing out new official themes for the Windows 7 operating system, to provide windows 7 users with more personalization options. This week Microsoft has released another 4 new official themes, named Abstract Dark, Abstract Bright, ASUS & Intel, And Waterfalls. All these themes contain some excellent high-resolution (1920×1200) desktop backgrounds to beautify your desktop. Here below is brief description about these themes.

Abstract Bright Windows 7 Theme Pack

This bold and unusual free theme for Windows 7 features fractals, sunbursts, floating spheres, and other designs evoking heightened spiritual states and unknown dimensions.

Download Abstract Bright Windows 7 Theme Pack from this link.

Abstract Dark Windows 7 Theme Pack

Dramatic abstract designs suggestive of smoke, gears, feathers, and circuits are featured in this free theme for Windows 7.

Download Abstract Dark Windows 7 Theme Pack from this link.

ASUS & Intel Windows 7 Theme Pack

ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible theme includes images of vintage musical equipment, a dusty old record shop, and the backlit grooves of a record spinning on a turntable.

Download ASUS and Intel: In Search of Incredible theme Pack from this link.

Waterfalls Windows 7 Theme Pack

This free theme features images of gurgling canyon creeks, rushing mountain streams, and cascading, terraced rivers: Waterfalls in all their glorious diversity.

Download Waterfalls Windows 7 Theme Pack from this link.

These Official Theme Packs can be installed in Windows 7 (Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions) and Windows 8 as well. Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can install this theme pack with a double-click after downloading it. The theme can then be customized from “Personalization Gallery”. Users running other operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows XP may still download the theme pack and use an unpacker like 7-zip to extract the wallpapers to their system to use them without the theme file. Fans may even go the extra step and install a wallpaper changer to automatically switch between all, or only some, of the wallpapers of the themepack.

To uninstall a theme, open Personalization window (right-click on desktop > Personalize), select the theme and then click Delete theme option.

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