Download Android Notifier app to Get Android Notifications on PC

Do you want to be notified of Android notifications such as phone ring, text messages, low battery alerts and more when you’re on the screen of your computer (Mac, Linux or Windows)? I think this is very useful, for instance, to not miss calls when using headphones.

Android Notifier is a new open source mobile application  that is designed to deliver the updates from your Android phone to your desktop.The notifications can be sent over Wifi, Bluetooth, or (in the future) USB.

Android Notifier app

A mac version of Android Notifier app is currently available HERE. User also requires to install an app on their Android device which does the delivery part. Developers of this Android Notifier app are working on a Linux and Windows app as well that would support the notifications.

Then, the problem comes, how can I get notified if i am using Windows or Linux pc? Don’t worry, there is a sister project android-notifier-desktop and for all other platforms at Here.

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