Download Android Theme for Windows 7

Google has taken Android to a whole new level. Android is all over the mobile phone market and ruling the roost these days. No wonder it has one of the largest fan following in recent times. For all you Android  fans who are currently running Windows 7 on your desktop, here is a cool Android Windows 7 theme which is Free to use and might be useful for you.

In this Android Windows 7 theme Gallery, you can find more than 25 high quality custom Android desktop wallpapers of resolution 1920×1200. It also included Custom Android icons and some funky sounds to make this Windows 7 Theme as original as possible. They would replace the same old boring icons and enhance the desktop.

Take a look at the Android Windows 7 theme in action in the screenshot below:

Android Theme for Windows 7

Click to Enlare

Android Windows 7 Theme

Custom Android icons included in this Theme:

Custom Android icons

Download Android Windows 7 Theme  (10.11MB)

To install this theme,  just unrar the themepack and double click on the “Android Theme [].themepack”  file.

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