Download Arctic Windows 7 Theme Pack

Windows 7 theme Gallery is updated with another new theme pack called ‘Arctic’ which brings the beautiful landscapes and animals from Earth’s coldest regions to your desktop.

This Arctic Windows 7 Theme Pack by Microsoft contains 15 arctic themed background images from all over the world. You can find images from Sweden, Iceland, Canada and Alaska in the pack among others.Install the Arctic Windows 7 theme and let icebergs, polar bears and snow owls fill your desktop’s background!

Download Arctic Windows 7 Theme Pack

As always, download and double-click on the theme pack to apply it.  Of course, this Arctic Windows 7 Theme Pack is designed to integrate seamlessly only with Windows 7. However, Users running other operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows XP will still be able to download the theme and extract the content wallpapers with the help of an archiving utility such as 7-Zip. Fans may even go the extra step and install a wallpaper changer to automatically switch between all, or only some, of the wallpapers of the themepack.

Download Arctic Windows 7 Theme Pack From Here [21.1 MB]

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