Download AVG Mobilation Free Antivirus App for Windows Phone 7

AVG Technologies, the world’s leading provider of Consumer security solutions, have now released a free “Security Suite” for Windows Phone 7, even though there are no threats detected for Windows Phone yet. The free Security suite for WP7 combines AVG’s an earlier product (Safe Search) with an on-demand virus scanner (no real-time protection) that is supposed to keep your mobile use safe and free of malicious activity.

Since Windows Phone operating system uses isolated storage and does not allow access to its file system, the antivirus app cannot actually scan the system files. It can only scan for infected Audio, Video and Image files, and it can update/download new AV definitions, same like of desktop version. AVG has also included a safe search and web surfing tool to prevent Windows Phone users from accessing sites considered dangerous by the software.

AVG Mobilation for Windows Phone Key features:

  • File Scanner scans for and removes viruses with a simple click. It protects your phone while you’re enjoying your favorite music and videos.
  • Safe Search shows safety ratings in your search engine results, allowing you to assess the safety of a site before you go there. This feature works with Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other popular search providers, letting you know which sites can be trusted and which you should avoid.
  • Safe Surf actively checks web pages in real time before you open them and prevents you from visiting any sites it considers dangerous or suspicious. It also protects you when you click a link to a web page and every time you enter a web address directly into your browser.

Windows Phone 7 users who want to check it out, can get the 5MB app here in the Marketplace for free.

Also download AVG Mobilation Android.