Download Avira Free Mac Security: Avira Free Antivirus for Mac OS X

Download Avira Free Mac Security: Avira Free Antivirus for Mac OS X – There was once a time when Mac OS X users enjoyed “security by obscurity.” Because of the much smaller number of Mac users in the world, hackers didn’t bother targeting Apple desktops and laptops. However, as the worldwide market share of Mac has significantly increased, the malware threats targeting Mac OS have increased, also, so Mac users are inadvertently spreading Windows viruses in heterogeneous computing environments. In response to this growing threat, Avira has made Avira Free Mac Security truly free for everyone – private consumers, professionals and even businesses – without exception and without any advertising or marketing pop-ups.

Backed by over 25 years of proven technology, Avira Free Mac Security not only eliminates emerging Mac threats but also crushes any PC viruses that might spread by way of a Mac. The Avira Free Mac Security’s award-winning virus detection and industry-leading features deliver sophistication and reliability to the Mac’s security platform.  Just install it and continue to enjoy your Mac, free of viruses and free of antivirus hassles too.

 Avira Free Mac Security: Avira Free Antivirus for Mac OS X

Avira Free Mac Security Key Features

  1. Real-Time Protection – Avira Free Mac Security is constantly on guard for viruses and other threats. Every file accessed by the user and the system is silently inspected so that no infected file sneaks in between system scans.
  2. Multi-Talented Scanning – Different scan profiles allow checking typical malware hideouts, the full system or individually selected files and folders to determine the system bill of health..
  3. A United Front Against Malware – Though a Mac is less vulnerable to viruses, it can unleash Windows-born viruses to friends’, colleagues’ and family members’ PCs. Empowering each Mac with Avira’s antivirus expertise optimizes the overall security of any network.
  4. Integrated Scheduler – Set it and forget it. The scheduler keeps the Mac scanned regularly, while automatic updates ensure continuous protection from new and changing threats.
  5. Geeks Gone Incognito – A simple user interface that shields the casual user from configurations and complexity they may not want, but still lets power users dig deeper.
  6. One-Click Repair – It answers the question, ‘Is my Mac secure or not?’ and lets users click a ‘Secure My Mac Now’ button to restore optimum protection levels.
  7. The Best Antivirus You’ll Never Experience – Avira Free Mac Security has award-winning virus detection packed into a smart application that almost never needs attention. Enjoy the multimedia world or work without interruptions.
  8. Time-Saving Remote Management – The Avira Management Console (AMC) lets businesses install, configure, monitor and update network security from a single server, whether the endpoints are PC, Windows servers or UNIX servers or workstations. This console will soon be available for Mac as well.

Avira Free Mac Security comes fully licensed for both consumers and businesses looking to improve their security efficiency, and the software is automatically updated. Businesses can also centrally manage the software via Avira Management Console (requires a separate license file that will be available from Avira).

Avira Free Mac Security requires Mac OS 10.6(Snow Leopard) or 10.7(Lion) and is available now for download in both English and German. Start Download Now!