Download Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front Free HD for Android

The extremely popular game developers for smartphones, game consoles, and other platforms, Gameloft, has released the latest series of the highly acclaimed Brothers In Arms gmae, Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front, to the Android market for download free of charge  (they’re calling it FREEmium). The freemium version, dubbed Free+, is free to download, is ad-supported ( like a lot of other apps), and features the ability to purchase medals in the game with your real-life cash in order unlock new features and gear faster than earning it through gameplay. The ad-free version still sells for $4.99 on Gameloft’s site.

This game lets you step onto the most intense and explosive battlefields of WWII as you take on missions in 5 locations from the Pacific to Sicily, jumping inside a variety of vehicles along the way. Unlock a total of 50 missions, 8 different weapons – including the bazooka, sniper rifle and flame thrower – and a selection of clothes, med kits and more with Dog Tags found in missions or by purchasing Medals. You can even take on other soldiers like yourself in Multiplayer mode with 5 maps and 3 exciting game modes.

Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front Free HD for AndroidBrothers In Arms 2: Global Front Free+ Key Features:

  • Free to Play – Download the game and start playing for free in Story mode or Multiplayer. Earn Dog Tags and XP as you play that can be used to unlock tons of extra features and gear to customize your soldier, or purchase Medals to unlock them faster. It’s up to you!
  • Join your alliances online – Challenge up to 5 friends to multiplayer battles on five maps in 3 different modes (Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Domination). You can connect locally via Bluetooth or even go online with Wi-Fi to battle friends anywhere.
  • Fight across the Globe – Experience every front of the war with 50 missions to unlock across 5 locations: the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily.
  • War machines – Take control of 3 different vehicles including the tank, off-road vehicle or glider to overrun your opponents or to make a daring escape. You can even jump behind the vehicle turret to lay waste to foes with the machine gun.
  • The battle comes to life – The stunning graphics and authentic settings are inspired by real-life battlefields from WWII and created in detailed 3D.
  • An epic experience – Witness compelling cinematic moments with more interaction between you and your squad members that deepens the gameplay.
  • An arsenal at your disposal – Grab a wide variety of historically accurate weapons including machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles and flamethrowers.

Check out the game Trailer below:

Free Download Free+ version of Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front in the Android Market.