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Signature-based security software are recommended as a good basis for securing your PC from picking up known viruses and malware as you surf the Web. But the limitations of these popular security suites are well known. Anti-virus can take up to several days to respond to new Internet threats and needs constant updates and maintenance. This results in even more critical time for your security software to finally be updated against a new threat. Meanwhile, you are completely exposed and unprotected. That means traditional security software are poor to protect Zero-Day attacks.

As users spend more and more time on the Web, popular security suites alone cannot guarantee safety and privacy. BufferZone Pro is preventative protection that complements the reactionary method used by all traditional anti-virus. There are no signature updates, no maintenance and no response time. That means BufferZone Pro is effective to prevent all threats, specially Zero-Day attacks that traditional anti-virus misses.

BufferZone Pro

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BufferZone Pro provides the final layer to your computer’s defenses by creating an isolated virtual environment called the “Virtual Zone”. The flexibility of BufferZone allows the user to choose which applications should run in the virtual Zone and which are permitted to write directly to disk. In the Virtual Zone, you can browse the Web , e-bank, share, chat  , download and open any file or application without threatening your PC and personal files. BufferZone Pro download gives you complete protection against Internet threats.

Bufferzone Pro Key Features:

  • Safely use all browsers  in an isolated (virtualized)
  • Safely download anything in an isolated (virtualized) zone
  • e-Bank and e-Shop in a trusted environment (*place up to 2 trusted sites in a Privacy Zone)
  • Safely chat with all instant messaging programs in an isolated (virtualized)
  • Safely share with all P2P applications in an isolated (virtualized)
  • Safely use USB devices in an isolated (virtualized)
  • No limitation on number of trusted websites in Privacy Zone
  • Lock your personal files (in a confidential folder) inside   a trusted environment
  • Take a “snapshot” of the Virtual Zone for one- step restore

Download Bufferzone Pro With Free Serial Numbers

BufferZone Pro gives you BufferZone Free Basic Protection with added and expanded features. BufferZone Pro normally cost $40 to purchase. As part of the developer’s Christmas promotion offer, the interested users are now entitled to download the full version bufferzone pro with serial numbers for free. This giveaway will be valid till January 1, 2011.

 Bufferzone Pro promo

Just visit the BufferZone Pro Promo page and download the full version installer. This download pack is a special build of bufferzone pro. After downloading, just install it. No serial numbers is required to active your free subscription.