Download Crave World Clock Serial License Key For Free

Crave World Clock is a nice looking Digital Clock & Timer product that helps you keep in touch with friends and colleagues in different parts of the world. You can view current time and date for all cities and countries on your desktop using a real world map which shows day / night effects and real-time imagery provided by NASA. Handy pop-up tools help you quickly find the time and international dialing code for any city or country you need, and there’s a pop-up year at a glance calendar, too.

Crave World Clock comes with three in-built attractive themes which can be used to easily blend or match with your current Windows OS theme or keep it to default native interface. You can customize the software to display clouds and weather effect on the real world map. You can resize world map as required to various predefined sizes to match your desktop resolution.

The clock minimizes to system tray, so you can quickly open it any time you want or access the context-menu with right-click on tray icon. It also allows you to set shortcut keys (hot keys) to major functions of the software so that you can quickly access those functions using the keys evenif you working in any other program.

This outstanding desktop clock is a must-have clock software for people who need to keep track of the current time in different cities around the world. It comes with a price of $19.95 per Single User License. However, now you can download Crave World Clock v1.2 with free Serial License Key from the Softpedia giveaway.

Crave World Clock

Key features of Crave World Clock

  • Real world map with current time for all cities. It shows day and night effects using shades and even lights from major cities around the world to show night time.
  • You will be able to set the world map as your desktop wallpaper. The wallpaper will be updated to show current time for displayed cities every minute. See Screenshot
  • Add multiple reminders specifying your own reminder text. You can set the reminder for a specific time and date on various cities or countries.
  • You can use the time-finder tool to quickly find the current time for any city in any country. Just type-in the city or country name and the time with current date will be displayed.
  • You can view calendar for current year or any other year you like with all days and months for each year at a glance.
  • Additionally, you can quickly access international dialing codes for all the cities around the world. This is useful if you need to make international calls to your customers or anyone else.

How to Download Crave World Clock Serial License Key For Free?

1, Visit the Crave World Clock Serial License Key giveaway page here.  Fill out the online form with you name and a valid email address. They will send the free license key to your email address.

2, You will get an email from <[email protected]> with subject of “Crave World Clock License Key” containing your free Serial License Key and registration instructions .

Hello xx,

Thank you for your interest in Crave World Clock software. Please retain this email with you, as it contains the license information for the software.

As per your request, here is your FREE license key for Crave World Clock.

License Key: xxxxx
Please follow the instructions below.

1. Install Crave World Clock you have downloaded from Softpedia.

2. Run the software. You will be prompted with a dialog reminding your registration.

3. Enter the license key along with your name in the reminder dialog box. Click register and you are done !

3, Download Crave World Clock 1.2 from Softpedia and install it. Once you receive the email which includes the license key, you can enter it in the software along with your name and register Crave World Clock.

You have to  Note that this license works only with the version you have got from the softpedia giveaway promotion. It it a lifetime license and includes 1 year support from the date of activation. You cannot use this license on future versions of Crave World Clock.