Download Dr.Web for Android Light: Free Mobile Antivirus App

With the growing use of Google Android mobile operating system, it’s essential that there be safeguards in the form of antivirus software. If you are still looking for a free and reliable antivirus app for your Android devices, then Dr.Web for Android Light is a comfortable fit.

Download Dr.Web for Android Light: Free Mobile Antivirus App

Dr.Web for Android Light is a free mobile antivirus app that offers a reliable protection of the mobile phones and communicators working under the Android operating system from spam and various virus threats designed specifically for mobile devices. The application does not affect the operating system performance, and — more important — does not reduce the battery life. You can use simple and handy desktop widgets to access the application.

A real-time file monitor automatically scans applications being installed and all files written to the SD card.  Threats detected by Dr.Web for Android Light can be moved to quarantine. You can then review the list of threats in quarantine, get the detailed information on each threat and perform one of the following actions: Delete or Restore. Dr.Web anti-virus Light uses the unique algorithm to detect malware – Origins Tracing for Android – which allows detecting the new virus families using the knowledge database on previous threats. A unique record is created for each malicious program and describes the behavior algorithm of this sample. This provides the efficiency of detecting new modifications of the whole virus family and significantly reduces the size of virus databases.

Dr.Web for Android Light Security Center

Dr.Web Scanner offers 3 types of scans – Quick scan, Full scan and Custom scan.

Download Dr.Web for Android Light scanner

Dr.Web anti-virus Light key features:

  1. Constant anti-virus protection and threats neutralization. The anti-virus check of the file system is carried out by file monitor SpIDer Guard, which scans in the real-time mode all the files being saved in the device memory.
  2. On demand scanning is carried out by a specific component – scanner. Dr.Web anti-virus Light allows to perform quick and full scan of the file system or scan only critical files and folders.
  3. Quarantine. The detected threats can be deleted or moved to quarantine, where you can review the detailed information on the threat.
  4. SD-card protection from contamination by autorun files and Exploit.Cpllnk, which represent a threat to Windows.
  5. The small size of updates for virus databases allows to save the traffic and your money if you are using the limited mobile tariffs.
  6. Detailed statistics on the anti-virus operation.
  7. Two handy widgets to choose from to manage the anti-virus protection (sizes 1х1 and 4х1).

The video below presents main features of Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android devices:

Android Smartphones Owners can download Dr.Web for Android Light by visiting Google Play Store on your device Or you can download .apk file to your PC, then transfer to your Android device. Dr.Web for Android Light requires Android  version 1.5 and up, including Android v. 4.0.

Update: I previously shared this free Android antivirus app on 25 Mar 2011.  Now I updated this post with some more info on this app and change the date published for this post to make it up.

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