Download Ducati 2 and Birds Of Prey Windows 7 Theme Packs

Microsoft has updated the Windows 7 Personalization Gallery with two new official themes, named “Ducati 2” and “Birds Of Prey”, which are available for free download now. Both themes contain some excellent high-resolution (1920×1200) desktop backgrounds to beautify your desktop.

Ducati 2 Windows 7 Theme Pack:

Motorbikes have fascinated people around the world ever since they were first created in the late 1800s. People ride for the joy of it. For fun, For the thrill. Ducati is one of the biggest names in biking industry and they create some of the best bikes on the world.

Ducati 2 Windows 7 Theme Pack

The gleam of the paint, the grip of the tires, the unmistakable roar of that four-stroke, L-twin, desmodromic valve engine: There is indeed nothing like a Ducati. This free Windows 7 theme is released for those who appreciate finer motorcycles.

Download Ducati 2 Windows 7 Theme Pack From this link.

Birds Of Prey Windows 7 Theme Pack:

You may still remember that Microsoft had released a Beautiful Birds themepack for Windows 7 a little while back. Now Microsoft has released another one featuring Birds of Prey.
Birds Of Prey Windows 7 Theme Pack

On the hunt, feeding their young, or staring with uncanny poise directly into your eyes, the birds of prey in this free theme for Windows 7 are alert, noble, and fearless. Includes owls, hawks, and eagles in their native habitats.

Download Birds Of Prey Windows 7 Theme Pack From this link.

As always, Windows 7 (Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.) users can install these two themepacks with a double-click after downloading them. The themes can then be customized from “Personalization Gallery”. If you want to remove a official themepack, simply go to Personalization panel, Right-click on the theme (in Personalization panel) and click Delete theme option.

Of course, the Ducati 2 and Birds Of Prey Windows 7 Theme Packs are both designed to integrate seamlessly only with Windows 7. However, Users running other operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows XP may still download the theme packs and use an unpacker like 7-zip to extract the wallpapers to their system to use them without the theme file. Fans may even go the extra step and install a wallpaper changer to automatically switch between all, or only some, of the wallpapers of the themepack.