Download Emsisoft Mamutu 3.0 Free 1 Year License Code

Here is another great giveaway that you won’t want to miss. Giveaway site of Downloadcrew is going to give out the full current version of Emsisoft’s Mamutu 3.0, with a $27 worth 1-PC, 1-Year license code, for free of charge.

Emsisoft Mamutu Full Version For Free

Emsisoft Mamutu is a piece of antimalware software which offers 100% behavior based malware blocking. It does not use a fingerprint to recognize dangerous software but rather on the basis of the behavior of the software. That means Mamutu is specially effective to protect Zero-Day attacks. In addition to this, behavior-based Malware recognition is the only efficient way of recognizing Malware that has been built for a single specific attack, e.g. for industrial espionage.

As per DownloadCrew

The problem with many anti-malware tools is that, like some antivirus programs, they rely on definition files and malware signatures for detection. This means that there can be a long delay between a particular piece of malware making its way into the wild and a suitable fix made available by security software companies. Mamutu works slightly differently by focusing on behavioural activity.

This means that the program is constantly looking out for signs of malware-like activity rather than instances of specific forms of malware. Using this method means that the program is far more effective at detecting and blocking malicious software than similar tools which work solely on malware signatures.

Use of system resources is kept to an absolute minimum, so Mamutu has little impact on system performance. The key benefit of the program is that you are always protected against the very latest threats without having to worry about ensuring that your security software has the latest updates installed.

How to get the license code, serial?

Go to DownloadCrew giveaway page, and follow the on page introductions to download your free copy. At time of post, the giveaway is still not active and it will be active in approximately next 16 hours.

Emsisoft Mamutu 3.0 Free Download

Please note that the giveaway offer is only available to DownloadCrew members. If you are a new user, you have to first register an account (free) with them.

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