Download eScan AntiVirus Toolkit Utility (MWAV) Free to Scan & Clean Virus

By now, most computer users have anti-virus software installed on their computers and use it as part of their regular computing routine. However, NO anti-virus product will provide you with 100% protection. If you feel that your computer is infected by some malware, then you can try cleaning it using the eScan Antivirus Toolkit Utility (MWAV), which is able to run next to any installed antivirus or security software on the system.

Note: We do not advise installing more than one anti-virus product on your machine at the same time, as there are often incompatibilities or problems involved when running multiple anti-virus softwares on a system. They also slows down your computer a lot since they are all programmed to run at startup. You generally have to uninstall one antivirus program to run another.

eScan Antivirus Toolkit is another free portable standalone on-demand virus scanner for the Windows operating system that enables you to scan and clean Viruses, Spyware, Adware and any other Malware that may have infected your computer. This free antivirus Toolkit does not require any installation and can be run directly from anywhere, on your computer, USB Drive or from a CD ROM.

Download eScan AntiVirus Toolkit Utility (MWAV) For Free

The eScan AntiVirus Toolkit Utility is not a replacement for active virus protection on your system, since it doesn’t provide any real-time protection. Its aim is just to provide additional means to run a virus scan on a Windows system, nothing more, nothing less.

The most salient features of the eScan Antivirus Toolkit Utility (MWAV) are :

  • Scans & cleans your computer completely and provides reports of any viruses that it finds.
  • Checks and cleans all illegal dialers that are present on your computer.
  • Checks and clears you of any background illegal sniffers or tools like spyware, adware, keyloggers etc. running in the memory of your computer.
  • You can add this utility to the startup list of programs on your computer so that it scans and clean your computer every time you start using it.
  • When you download this utility you will get it with the latest updated list of viruses that can scan and clean your computer for all known viruses.
  • No need to install. Just download and run the eScan Antivirus Toolkit to scan for viruses.

The eScan Antivirus Toolkit also gets updated on a daily basis with the latest updates to detect recently release spyware and adware, plus the engine is constantly being improvised for faster and intelligent detections. This is a big advantage compared to other on-demand virus scanner such as Microsoft Safety Scanner and Dr.Web CureIt, which the whole programs have to be downloaded again to re-run a scan with the latest antimalware definitions.

Download eScan AntiVirus Toolkit Utility (MWAV) For Free: mwav.exe [151 MB]

The eScan Antivirus Toolkit (MWAV) works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8 & Windows 2008 (32 & 64 bit OS) and also provides multi-language support.

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