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Event log analysis of Windows event logs is a highly important task for any system administrator. The standard Event Viewer has limited facilities, and doesn’t allow you to perform effective event log analysis, thus the process of monitoring event logs has always devoured a lot of time.

Event Log Explorer 3.3 is a simple but powerful system maintenance software developed by FSPro Labs. It allows administrators to view, monitor and analyze events recorded in the Security, System, Application and other Microsoft Windows logs. This utility extends the features of the standard event log viewer by offering detailed filtering capabilities, that allow you to view events by category, event ID, event type, user, as well as by date or keyword match. Event Log Explorer can also export your events as HTML or printable text report. Even more, you can do such things with the logs located on remote computers, and not only that!

Event Log Explorer

Key features and benefits of Event Log Explorer:

  • Multiple-document or tabbed-document user interface depending on user preferences
  • Favorites computers and their logs are grouped into a tree
  • Manual and automatic backup of event logs
  • Event descriptions and binary data are in the log window
  • Advanced filtering by any criteria including event description text
  • Quick Filter feature allows you to filter event log in a couple of mouse clicks
  • Log loading options to pre-filter event logs
  • Fast navigation between events with bookmarks
  • Compatibility with well-known event knowledgebases ( and Microsoft knowledgebase)
  • Color coding by Event ID
  • Print and export to different formats
  • Export log to different formats
  • Read damaged EVT files and generate EVT files from event views.

Thanks to Event Log Explorer, monitoring and analysis of events recorded in Security, System, Application and other logs of Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 windows 7 operating systems gets much faster and really effective. I can’t say that I have seen many log explorers so far, but this one looks very good. Feel free to download it right now – Event Log Explorer is free for personal use and limited to 3 connected computers, Free version has no other limitation and NEVER expires (more exactly, it is valid until 2100), – a commercial Serial License Key is also available.

Download Event Log Explorer

To get free  personal Serial License Key, visit this Event Log Explorer site, filling the online form, and the registration key will be sent to you by email.