Download F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 free with 1 Year License Key

There are many antiVirus programs among which F-secure is yet another best antivirus software which delivers excellence in technology and implementation. A 1 year single user license key of F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 normally cost $39, But here is a good news that you can download the latest F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 with 1 Year License Key for free.

F-Secure Antivirus 2011 is a powerful  antivirus software with good results, high-speed scan engines, it requires minimal configuration and offers strong protection in real time against infections. Complete with proactive protection, cloud security and simple usability, F-Secure Anti-Virus is a compelling piece of software, and should more than do the trick for basic home desktop antivirus needs.

In the new version, because of the deepGuard 2.0 technology, it can detect any unknown threats more effective. its Real-time Protection Network provides rapid response against Internet-based threats, So you could connect to Internet safely. In additional you can help it develop the Real-time Protection Network by contributing detailed information, such as sources of intrusive programs or messages, you just need to select I want to participate in the Real-time Protection Network check box on the Privacy tab.

F-Secure AntiVirus 2011

With so many powerful function, F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 is also easy to install, configure and use, has a friendly interface, performs very fast system scans and is compatible with Windows 7.

How to get  a free 1 year  license key for F-Secure AntiVirus 2011?

This Offer for F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 is issued by Bjoerns Windows Blog along with F-Secure through facebook in which you will receive 1-year free license key of F-Secure Antivirus 2011.However, the promo is valid for a limited time and only available to facebook German users, but you can also apply for this offer by following the steps below, even you are not in German:

1, Login to your facebook account: Then on your Facebook account page click on – “Account” – “Account Settings”

Get F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 license key for free step 1

2, Now change your primary language to “Deutsch”, you can do it by:
Go to Accounts> Account Settings> Click on Language Tab > select “Deutsch” from the drop down box.

Download F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 free license key step 2

3, After  you’ve changed your primary language to “Deutsch”, visit the F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 Promotional offer page. Click on the “Gefällt mir” button. “Gefällt mir” means “like”.

Download F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 license key free step 3

4, Now click on “promotion tab” and enter your Name and Email, then click on “Abschicken” button. “Abschicken” means “Submit”

Free F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 1 year License Key

The license key and download link for F-Secure AntiVirus 2011 will be sent to your email address. This promotional offer is specially issued for facebook users from Germany. If you want to avail this offer, you might need to use a German proxy. Although, right now you don’t need. And another thing, each IP address, each email can get only 1 License Key! See also: Free F-Secure Internet Security 2011 6 Months License Key for Everyone.