Download Firefox Booster to Tweak and Optimize Firefox

Firefox or IE which browser is best this is the most common dispute between peoples. Well, I don’t want to participate in the Browser Battle. But I notice that many visitors are using Firefox, So I’d like to share a small and simple application to Tweak and Optimize Firefox, that will accelerate your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Tweaking can be with respect to increase Firefox page loading speed with available internet connection  or optimizing Firefox in other aspects, hence increasing overall performance boost. Performing these tasks manually on Firefox config require bit knowledge and may not be convenient for basic users. Firefox Booster is here to help you in doing so.

Firefox Booster is a small and easy to use program, which will accelerate your Mozilla Firefox browser. As we all know, Firefox is one of the fastest browser currently in circulation and this Firefox Booster plugin makes it even faster and more responsive.

Download Firefox Booster to Tweak and Optimize Firefox

You simply select one of three types of connections you use, choosing between a fast connection, a medium or slow. Firefox Booster will then change the current configuration of the browser Mozilla Firefox to suit your internet connection type. In addition there are also several other useful functions to optimize your Mozilla Firefox browser, Among these we can see disabling the blinking text, the possibility or not to show error messages related to a web page, enabling caching on a connection to an https site and optimizing memory Firefox. These tweaks are easy to understand and can be applied just by selecting them respectively.

After doing these tweaks, You have to restart Firefox to make these changes take effect. This program is very useful for home users for basic tweaks and optimizations. You can safely download Firefox Booster directly from the website Softpedia, and it’s free.