Download Free Bundle of 10 Paid Mac Apps Worth $151

Cult of Mac, a daily news website that follows everything Apple, has just released “The Mac Freebie Bundle 2.0“, which essentially offers you 10 paid Mac apps for free! They claim these apps will help to enhance your design, photography & productivity, and who can argue with a price tag of $0?

The apps included in the bundle are WebDesign, ButtonDesign For Mac, Shine, Quick Resizer, Signature Maker, PDF Converter Master, SketchMee, PaintMee, Photo Dazzle, Icons Express. All apps together would cost around US$151, if purchasing from the Mac App Store.

The Mac Freebie Bundle 2

1, WebDesign – $50.00. WebDesign allows a web developer to easily Build & Design websites on Mac. It offers you the best balance between website design and HTML authoring, offering over 20 pre-built website templates while still giving you the flexibility to edit your website’s source code.

2, ButtonDesign For Mac – $20.00. Creating professional looking buttons with mouse over and mouse down transitions is a great way to improve the UI of your site, and now its easier than ever. Choose from over 75 included templates, add your unique touch, then export your buttons as standard based Cascading Style Sheets and HTML.

3, Shine – $10.00.This app transforms your ordinary photos into works of art with realistic effects like light rays, lens flares, and tinting to add a bit of romance, depth, and mood. Plus, with built-in sharing tools, you can upload your beautiful images to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and mail accounts.

4, Quick Resizer – $0.99. Quick Resizer is the fastest and simplest app for resizing your images.You can resize one or more images by dragging them on the app or opening them from within the app. PNG and JPEG files are supported, and the resized images will be optimized for use on the web. If you need an idiot-proof image resizer, look no further.

5, Signature Maker – $3.00. Signature Maker lets you use a finger or stylus to sign your name on your computer’s trackpad, or your mouse. Then it saves as a transparent PNG file so you can quickly copy and paste into any PDF, or web form. Don’t bother with printing, scanning or faxing, just insert your signature image and spend your time on something more productive.

6, PDF Converter Master – $40.00. PDF Converter Master is a 4-in-1 PDF Converter that converts PDF files into 4 common document formats, including Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint), image and plain text. So  you can convert PDF to Word to reuse the content more easily without typing or formatting the content manually; or convert PDF to PowerPoint for better presentation. Whatever you convert, Lighten PDF Converter Master will preserve the original text content, layouts, formatting, graphics as accurate as possible.

7, SketchMee– $8.00 SketchMee is the most advanced automatic pencil sketch generator in the world, but very easy to use and super fast. Utilizing the increased processing power of the Mac, SketchMee’s algorithms create incredibly detailed “sketches” from any photo.

8, PaintMee – $8.00. PaintMee is the world’s most advanced automatic painting generator that transforms images into works of art using thousands of individual “paint strokes”. Unlike any other software, paintings are actually PAINTED stroke by stroke, smoothly animated, starting with an empty canvas reaching incredible results.

9, Photo Dazzle – $10.00. Looking to add some excitement to your photos or just love to experiment with different effects? Photo Dazzle comes packed with fascinating filters and effects along with an intuitive user interface that allows you to easily add excitement to your photos.

10, Icons Express – $1.00. Icons Express is the stripped down version of Icons 3.0. Icons Express comes with all of the essential features you would need to generate and preview iOS, Android and custom sized Icons. It is perfect for those who are just looking to create basic icons and don’t want to add a lot of extras to their icons.


So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Cult of Mac Deals page here now for more info and to download these free apps — before time on this deal runs out! All apps included in this freebie bundle are downloadable immediately after you’ve received the bundle in your account and you can use them free for life. The giveaway offer will last for a months and expires on August 25, 2013. Offer ends in September 22, 2013.

Updated [September 8, 2013]: It seems that Cult of Mac has extended this deal for a few more days!