Download Free K9 Web Protection Software for Windows, Mac OS x, iPhone, iPod, iPad

Download K9 Web Protection: Free Parental Control and Internet Filtering Software for Windows, Mac OS x, iPhone, iPod, and iPad (Android version coming Soon) – An open Internet is absolutely loaded with content and activities that are unsafe for children. So as soon as your child is old enough to get online, you have to safely guide him through a whole new world: the virtual one. The reality is, you can’t be with your child at every click, you need to get a Parental control software to help keep your kids safe online and limit their Web-surfing time.

K9 Web Protection is a free, easy-to-use Parental Control and Internet filtering software that helps parents protect their children online.  It is a great alternative to software that charges you for such service. K9 Web Protection has the ability to block adult, porn and other offensive content, prevent spyware infections, and monitor visited sites on any Internet access connection (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Earthlink). Based on commercial-grade Web filtering controls from Blue Coat Systems, K9 Web Protection is unique among content filters and can be configured as a porn blocker, a spyware stopper, a gambling filter or various other configurations based on our over 69 Web categories.

K9 Web Protection Software

K9 Web Protection Software Content Categories
K9 Web Protection Software Key Features

  • Block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing
  • Force SafeSearch on all major search engines. In addition, you have the option to block the use of search engines that do not support Safe Search.
  • Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times
  • Configure custom lists for “always allow” and “always block”
  • Override a web page block with password
  • Trust the enhanced anti-tampering, even children can’t break
  • View easy reports to monitor and control web activity
  • Real-time categorization of new adult and malicious sites
  • Continuous protection that won’t slow down your computer. K9 uses Blue Coat’s unique caching technology, so your Internet experience is always as fast as possible.
  • Best free parental controls software/internet filter available

Note that K9 Web Protection Software is not antivirus, anti-spam or firewall software. K9 is a Web filter that determines where the computer user can go inside your Web browser. You use K9 in conjunction with other antivirus, anti-spam or firewall products from vendors such as Computer Associates, McAfee, Symantec, ZoneLabs, Microsoft and others. Also note that such Parental Control  software may cause some problem to the internet connectivity. Some how if K9 crashes, you may not be able to access any webpages (in this case, try uninstalling k9).

K9 Web Protection Software is free for home use. But you will need a license key. Simply go to this page to request free license key and download K9.