Download Free PDF eBook “Windows 8 for Dummies, Dell Pocket Edition”

Dell is now offering downloads of its “Windows 8 for Dummies, Dell Pocket Edition” eBook for free (worth $9) when you fill out a short form. Although Windows 8 was designed to be intuitive, using a new OS inevitably means learning some new tricks. This Pocket Edition isn’t intended to make you a whiz at Windows; instead, it dishes out chunks of useful computing information in plain English when you need them.

When something in Windows 8 leaves you stumped, Just turn to the appropriate page, read the brief explanation, and get back to work. Unlike other books, this one enables you to bypass the technical hoopla and still get your work done. Best of all, you can get what you need out of this book whether you’re working on a touchscreen, laptop, or desktop computer. Download now and keep this free e-book in your pocket as a quick reference guide that’s there whenever you need it!

Windows 8 for Dummies Free eBook

Windows 8 For Dummies eBook Table of Contents :

Chapter 1: The New Start screen

Chapter 2: The Traditional desktop

Chapter 3: Storage: Internal, External, and in the Sky

Chapter 4: Working with Apps

Chapter 5: Engaging the Social Apps

Chapter 6: Getting Connected and Having fun through the Start Screen

Chapter 7 : Ten things you’ll Hate about Windows 8 (And how to fix them)

To download this PDF eBook for free, access Dell promo page and complete a short form. Alternatively, you can download the e-book from this direct download link [10.85 MB].

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