Download Free Xbox Kinect Game: 5 Micro Lab Challenge, US only

The chewing gum company Wrigley have made available a new Kinect-required Xbox Game called “5 Micro Lab Challenge” to promote their “5″ gum and have just released it on Kinect Fun Labs for free! This Kinect includes two avatar prop unlocks (2 different packs of gum).

Here’s the official description of the Kinect-required Game title: Challenge yourself in a microscale world of 5 where speed and timing is everything. Jump and duck to avoid obstacles, and unlock doors with quick reflex memory puzzles. Scan your 5 Gum Micro Pack to unlock an original Avatar Prop. Upload video of your jump skills to KinectShare and share with friends.

5 Micro Lab Challenge Kinect Game

Download Free Xbox Kinect Game: 5 Micro Lab Challenge

Kinect Fun Labs: 5 Micro Lab Challenge is available now for free download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. And you have to scan two packs of gum with your Kinect to unlock the props.

Unfortunately, this Kinect Fun Labs game is currently only available in the USA. For non-US citizens, you may make a US Xbox Live Silver (free) account and download it with that US account on your XBOX 360, NOT through PC, as now it’s making you put a legal billing address in the USA before it lets you add to queue.