Download Google Places App With Hotpot Integration For iPhone

Google today has announced the availability of Google Places app for iOS devices, namely iPhone,iPod & iPad. Much like the new Places functionality built into Google Maps for Android devices, this app comes with support for Hotpot — Google’s social place recommendation feature, which learns and recommends what its users like, in terms of places to visit.

What is Google Places?

In case you aren’t familiar with Google Places, it lets you quickly search for places nearby and personalizes the results based on places you’ve rated.

All the places are accumulated into categories, like restaurants, coffee, bars, ATMs etc. You can also tailor the list by adding your own favorite searches. It makes it easy and convenient to find virtually any kind of business around you for you with little fuss. Places is very convenient for wandering unknown towns and cities.

Google Places App

Google Places App With Hotpot Integration for iOS:

Google Places makes it super simple to rate a place with your iPhone while you’re there. Just fire up the app and hit “Rate now.” It will use your location to guess your current place and let you post a Hotpot review right from your phone. The more you rate places, the more you’re sharing about your tastes and the more Places can give you personally tailored recommendations.

Google Places App for iphone With Hotpot

You can get things even tastier by visiting from your desktop. Here you can add friends to the mix and quickly rate all the places you already visited. Once you added friends, you’ll get your results seasoned not just with reviews from around the web and recommendations based on your own personal taste, but also with your friends’ opinions too.

Currently Google Places app is available for all iOS devices only in English language. Google will soon release it in other languages with more improvements and features. ou can download the Places app on your iPhone now by searching for Google Places in the App Store or going here. [iTunes Link].