Download Hollywood Monsters PC Adventure Game for Free [English]

Hollywood Monsters is an old-ish but apparently well-regarded PC adventure game, developed by Pendulo Studios and published by FX Interactive, which was released in Europe in 1999. The game received an indirect sequel in 2011 known in Spain as Hollywood Monsters 2 and internationally as The Next BIG Thing.

Hollywood Monsters PC Adventure Game

Hollywood Monsters Game Story

Two journalists, Sue Bergman and Ron Ashman, are the protagonists of the game. The two work for a Los Angeles newspaper called The Quill but dislike each other and are bitter rivals. In the introductory scene we see the Quill editor telling Ron about a “Monsters’ Ball”—a social event where all the Hollywood movie monsters have a big party at the mansion of Otto Hanover, a film producer. The editor stresses that The Quill must cover the event because it is too important to miss. Ron is not enthusiastic, but when Sue comes in Ron tells the editor how important it is that The Quill sends its best reporter and that he is the only one capable of accomplishing the task. This has the expected effect: Sue proclaims that she is the best journalist The Quill has and that there is no way Ron could do a decent job. Sue then proceeds to the Hanover mansion in her little sports car. (reference)

Download Hollywood Monsters PC Adventure Game for Free

Hollywood Monsters is normally costly but now you can grab it as a freebie gift. As FX Interactive is offering free download of  the game until Apr 19. It should be noted that Hollywood Monsters was never released in English, instead you can download the free fan-made patch to convert it to English.

Get it now and play for FREE forever:

Download the Hollywood Monsters PC Adventure Game for Free: Giveaway Page (The giveaway page is in Spanish, you may  use Google Chrome to visit the website as a translator is built into the browser). To buy click on the button marked “consíguelo gratis”. After adding the game to your account, you’ll be prompted to install a game downloader that will download and install the game. The game downloader can be removed after finish installation. There doesn’t appear to be any DRM so the game directory can then be moved to another computer or backed up without having to worry about it again.

You can download the free fan-made patch here to convert it to English. To install the patch, simply unpack the archive and overwrite the files in the directory which you installed the game.


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