Download iTraffic Monitor Free To Monitor Network Activity

If you are interested in monitoring the Network Activity of your computer, then iTraffic Monitor is a good choice. It is a free network monitor and reporting tool that displays a real time graph of network, thus you can have a good control over your bandwidth usage. iTraffic Monitor also provides Detailed stats provide daily/weekly/monthly/yearly stats. Stop watch, Session stats.

This free computer monitor and reporting tools requires minimal desktop space and system resources to monitor your computer network traffic. Once you activate it on your computer,  iTraffic Monitor start capturing all the internet network packet on your computer and provides you with real time graph of network traffic. It is easy for you to review your network conditions and internet bandwidth,  get information about your internet speed and connectivity, know transfer data stats with real time graphs this powerful network monitor toolkit.

iTraffic Monitor main window

This free computer traffic monitor and reporting tools also able to shows how much Internet traffic data that has been transferred to and from your computer.

 shows Internet traffic data

The network traffic report can provides you complete info about data downloaded and uploaded today, yesterday, this week, this and last month and further this and last year, enabling better comparison.. Plus more, all the network traffic reports generated are completely customizable with fonts colors etc and export traffic reports to a spreadsheet (*.csv) compatible text file if needed. Below is a screenshot of the various report available with this handy monitoring tool.

iTraffic Monitor report

A very important feature of iTraffic Monitor program is its advanced network filtering tool.  iTraffic Monitor is able to filter out local network traffic or traffic between specific IP addresses by utilizing WinPcap. this is very important for people who are connected to the internet via a local area network (LAN). Very few network monitors comes with this feature, The ones that do usually cost a lot, while  iTraffic Monitor is completely free for everyone. WinPcap is part of the installation, during installation you can uncheck it and use iTraffic Monitor without it. Though you lose this ability.

Meanwhile, you can have more accurate measurement of the transfer speed to or from your computer, you can use the Bandwidth Stop Watch Feature. It enables you to measure bandwidth usage in a specific time interval.

In all, iTraffic Monitor is worth to try as a free free network monitor and reporting tool. Download iTraffic Monitor HERE. It works with all  Windows OS (XP, vista and 7).