Download Kaspersky Getsysteminfo To Obtain Detailed System Information

GetSystemInfo is a free system program developed by the popular antivirus maker Kaspersky, design to give you useful information about your system in order to troubleshoot technical issues.

After installing a Kaspersky Lab product, MS Windows may “blue screen” or freeze, e.g. while booting or when executing some task. It might be a conflict between the software you have installed or some drivers and a Kaspersky Lab product. If such a problem arises, Kaspersky Lab Technical Support should receive a GetSystemInfo utility report.

Kaspersky getsysteminfo is used in a variety of ways. It can be used to detect incompatible software, detect possible known and unknown malware on your computer, and also detect program function errors. GetSystemInfo is similar to HijackThis that scans your computer and it creates a report, or log file, with the results of the scan. Users can also upload and analyse the report log file on the Getsysteminfo Parser website, which takes all of the information in the log file created and parses this into easily readable tab form online. This functionality means that users with limited computer experience can trouble shoot an issue on their own.

Download Kaspersky Getsysteminfo

How to use Kaspersky GetSystemInfo:

1, Download Kaspersky GetSystemInfo to your computer. There are two Getsysteminfo versions available: Getsysteminfo Version 4 for Windows 7, Vista and XP; Getsysteminfo Version 3 for Windows NT, 2000, 98.

2, Once you download Getsysteminfo, run it. This will create a zipped log file.

3. Simply upload the log file to Kaspersky Getsysteminfo parser website.

4, After the parsing is over the system information will get displayed on your web browser

If you want Kaspersky Getsysteminfo to locate malware in your computer, You need to manually change the scan settings to highest. This elaborate scan will check directories system32 and system32drivers.

GetSystemInfo setting

In all, Kaspersky GetSystemInfo is an excellent and easy to use utility for those who want a trouble free and clean system.