Download McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus FREE with 1 Year License Key

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus is a plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox that provides active, real-time, comprehensive protection from dangerous websites. It warns you when you visit a dangerous Web site, defining “dangerous” thorough automated site analysis. It can also check all links on search results pages and flag each as green (okay), red (dangerous) or yellow (marginal). The new SiteAdvisor Plus doesn’t just wave a red warning flag; it actually blocks access to dangerous sites.

Mcafee SiteAdvisor Plus will cost $19.9 for a single license key. But now, a special offer for Earthlink Toolbar Users is announced which gives away 1 year free license key of McAfee Site Advisor Plus. With this amazing offer, You can use the software without any barriers for a whole year completely free of charge.

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus FREE

Key Features of McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus:

  • Safe Search. SiteAdvisor Plus works with 20 search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, AOL, and Ask. SiteAdvisor’s safety ratings will appear next to search results.
  • Safe Browse. When browsing, a small button in your browser toolbar changes color based on SiteAdvisor’s automated site analysis.
  • Advanced phishing protection helps you avoid fraudulent sites that try to steal your identity or personal information.
  • Link Checking. SiteAdvisor Plus checks the safety of links in popular e-mail and instant messaging applications and warns of any danger in advance.
  • Advanced Phishing Protection. A combination of database checking and real-time analysis helps identify scam sites that try to steal your personal information and identity.
  • Protected Mode. Password-protected setting lets you disable red interaction with dangerous `red´ sites and downloads, no matter where they appear.

How to Download McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus FREE with 1 Year License Key?

[Updated] This promo offer is no loner available. Please check out our new post:  McAfee SiteAdvisor Live Free Download with 6 Months Serial License Key [Updated]

1,Visit this McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus promo page and click on “Download” button, register to download or if you already have an mcafee account just log in.

2, click on Go to mcafeee my account tab. Click on Download Now button to download 1 year free Mcafee SiteAdvisor plus(screen shot below)

McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus FREE License

Download the online installer “DMSetup.exe”, install it, It doesnot requires any additional serial key. Enjoy free 1 year subscription of McAfee SiteAdvisor Plus!

Supported OS : 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows 7, Vista and XP
Supported Browsers : Microsoft Internet Explorer 6-8, Firefox 3 and above