Download Megapolis (HD) Game Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Megapolis developed by Social Quantum, is one of the most popular city builder games. The game is about building your own virtual city and mainly focus on the modern society we live in today. As the designer, governor and protector of your city, you are in charge of designing the primary infrastructure: residential, commercial, industrial, airports, railways, seaports, oil & gas, and other types of structures. Make Megapolis beautiful with parks, fountains and sculptures, world famous architecture from ancient to modern, and more. There are hundreds of city building elements which covers almost all aspects of life, and infinite possibilities when it comes to designing the city. You can even work on relationships with your neighborhoods!

Megapolis HD iOS Game

Game Features:

  • Awesome realistic 3D graphics
  • World famous architecture from ancient to modern
  • More than 700 buildings and sites, hundreds of construction materials
  • Teamwork with your neighbors
  • City expansion both on land and over the sea
  • Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements


Download Megapolis (HD) Game Free for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

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Download Megapolis for iPhone, and iPod touch: iTunes Link.

Download Megapolis for iPad: iTunes Link.

Note that the game includes in-app purchases so watch out what you click on within the game.