Download Nero Kwik Media: Free Media Management Software

Nero Software, maker of popular disc-burning utilities and media suites, has launched a free downloadable app called Nero Kwik Media, an all-in-one  media management software that allows users with large media collections to find, organize, edit, play and share their music, photos and video files between a computer, tablets, mobile phones and online social networks.

Kwik’s music player can create playlists and display those from iTunes and Windows Media Player. It also lets you easily create cinema-style videos and photo slide shows with integrated movie themes, plus conveniently manage your multimedia projects. Improve the quality of your photos with just a few clicks, cut off some unwanted parts, or automatically remove red-eyes, and so on.

Download Nero Kwik Media: Free Media Management Software

Apart from digital media management, Nero Kwik Media includes the best of Nero BurnLite 10 which allows you burn or copy CDs and DVDs with a few clicks, powered by the industry’s best software.  Make flawless copies of music files or home videos to share, or create disc images in .iso and .nrg formats.

Nero Kwik Media app store

One major way that Nero’s strategy is different from others is its app approach. While the basic software download is free, an app store that will eventually open to third-party developers sells additional features to more advanced users. The apps  are mostly in the sub-$10 price range. For example, a face-recognition plug-in that searches photos based on who is in them goes for just 99 cents, while a Blu-ray playback plug-in costs $29.95—reasonable when you consider the leading standalone competitor costs $39.95, and that doesn’t get you all of Kwik’s other talents. And the “move it” app, at $4.99, will allow Android device users to sync and play their iPod song playlists quite easily.

Nero Kwik Media will allow consumers to manage and use their digital content in four key areas:

  • Music – iTunes and Windows Media Player playlists can be viewed and played through Nero Kwik Media. In addition, the Nero Kwik Move It app allows individual music files stored on different devices to be easily synced between a PC, smartphones and tablets running Android or other mobile operating systems. Through this capability, Nero has resolved the challenge of importing their iTunes library onto Android devices.
  • Photos – Users can edit, crop and remove red eye from photos, create slideshows and instantly share them with friends via social media sites such as Facebook, and Flickr. The Nero Kwik Faces app uses powerful face recognition technology to automatically tag individual people or entire groups, allowing for easy indexing and searching of personal photo libraries.
  • Videos – Nero Kwik Media allows home videos to be quickly edited, burned onto DVDs or simply shared via email or social media sites. The Nero Kwik Move It app optimizes videos on the fly for different mobile devices. For the same low price as a Blu-ray movie, the Nero Kwik Blu-ray app allows users to play Blu-ray Discs on their equipped PCs, making Nero Kwik Media the most affordable Blu-ray player on the market.
  • Data – The Nero Kwik Burn app offers easy access to Nero’s powerful CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc burning capabilities, allowing users to burn any kind of personal data to optical discs.

Download Nero Kwik Media free from this link to easily organize and share your personal content anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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