Download netTALK iPhone & iPad App to Make Free Calls

Download netTALK iPhone & iPad App to Make Free Calls

MagicJack, is offering a free app through iTunes that enables iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users the chance to make calls to anywhere in the world. The service can make the calls using Wi-Fi, 3G or even EDGE networks without using cellular plan minutes, if you have a weak cell signal at home, make calls over WiFi. There is no charge for calls made to the US or Canada even using a conference call function.

This free NetTalk mobile app (also available for other smartphones) is free and requires only a free netTALK account signup to use and make calls. It includes free 411 directory assistance, free conference calling, free tech support and imports contacts from the iPhone’s Contacts app. It can even record conversations.

Download netTALK iPhone & iPad App to Make Free Calls

Features of netTALK iPhone & iPad App:

– Free calling to the US and Canada
– Connectivity through WIFI/3G/Edge
– Record conversations
– Import your contacts from your phone
– Receive customized support through 611
– Dial 2663 for FREE conference calling bridge
– Free 411 Directory Assistance
– Integrated contacts from the phone
– Favorite Contacts

Coming soon:
– Link your netTALK DUO phone number to the app
– Low rates for international calling
– Receive calls on your iPhone to your netTALK number, without paying for cellular minutes
NetTALK app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1 or later. Download is available at iTunes.  To use it, you must create a netTALK account and  be on WiFi, EDGE, or 3G network.

6 thoughts on “Download netTALK iPhone & iPad App to Make Free Calls”

  1. I have their hardware device (the Duo) and that works fine, but I have not been able to get this to work on the iPad. Click “log in” and get a blank blue screen. While Net Talk responded quickly, it was “try reinstalling the app.” This did not work. I look forward to a working version, if one occurs.

    Carrie, Possibly this is a router configuration issue if you are using WiFi. You may have to open up some ports. Google VoIP and router ports … but doing this varies from router to router.

  2. When I use the net talk, I cant hear, but people can hear me… Does nayone know the reason for this and I can fix it ?

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