Download Norman Malware Cleaner: Freeware Portable Virus and Malware Removal Tool

NO anti-virus product will provide you with 100% protection. Even if you are using the latest security suites and antivirus software, chances are always there that malware (malicious software) is able to sneak in and infect your computer. If you suspect your computer might be infected, then you can try cleaning it using the Norman Malware Cleaner.

Norman Malware Cleaner is, as the name suggests, a free portable standalone virus and malware removal tool that can be used to detect, kill and remove specific malware affecting personal computers and network devices. The program does not require installation and can be run directly from anywhere, on your computer, USB Flash Drive or from other portable device.

Norman Malware Cleaner: Freeware Portable Virus and Malware Removal Tool

Norman Malware Cleaner Key features:

  • Easy to install and run
  • Detect and Remove malware (viruses, Rootkit’s, FakeAV, worms and more)
  • Utilize advanced Anti-Rootkit technology
  • Quarantine module to process the detected files
  • Deep scan and cleaning including Norman patented Norman SandBox technology
  • Supports Quick- and Deep Scan mode
  • New command line function for better tailor scanning across several machines (businesses)
  • Daily signature updates available

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The scanner has a size of about 130 Megabytes.  There is no offline anti-malware definitions databases available for download, so you will  have to download the program again to re-run a scan with the latest antimalware definitions. This is a big disadvantage compared to eScan AntiVirus Toolkit Utility (MWAV), which gets updated on a daily basis with the latest updates to detect recently release spyware and adware.

Supported operating systems: Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7.


  • The Norman Malware Cleaner is not a replacement for active virus protection on your system, since it doesn’t provide any real-time protection. It is designed to clean a computer that has already been infected.
  • To give Norman Malware Cleaner the best working conditions possible, we recommend that you start the computer in Safe mode before running the program. To do this, tap the F8 key on your keyboard during startup, before Windows starts, and select Safe mode from the menu that appears.
  • In some cases Norman Malware Cleaner may require that you restart the computer to completely remove an infection:

For real-time protection that helps to guard your home or small business PCs against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software, you may try Microsoft Security Essentials, which is free for  Genuine Windows OS users.

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