Download Official Google Reader App for Android Phones

We’ve longed for an official, native Google Reader app since we started using Android. We’re surprised it took this long, But after 2 long years waiting, finally Google has released their own Google Reader app for Android phones. This app is a must for anyone who lives with RSS. It syncs with Google reader on desktop and makes it easy to read the latest news and RSS Feeds.

The app itself is pretty straightforward.  It brings the basic features of Google Reader such as unread counts, friends, sharing, liking, and starring, and compacts them onto your Android device. It also support some more interesting features like multiple account, synching preferences, subscription features and search among other things.

Official Google Reader App for Android

On Google’s Reader blog they highlight some harder to discover features. These include:

  • Volume-key navigation: if you enable this in the settings, you can navigate by using your phone’s volume keys for next and previous
  • Long-press on a folder or subscription to bring up a contextual menu that lets you rename, unsubscribe or change folders
  • If you hit the menu key on an individual item, you can use the “send” feature which integrates with other apps on your phone to send the item using any 3rd party app

Launch the Marketplace application on your Android phone and search for it. You can as well photograph this QR code with the Barcode Official Google Reader App for Android Phones QR code Scanner  or Google Goggles app on your Android phone and it’ll point you to the Official Google Reader App in the Marketplace.