Download official Twitter mobile app for Windows Phone 7

Surprise of surprises! The official Twitter mobile app for Windows Phone 7 is now finally available for download. This app is particularly fast and brings almost all features that are expected by Twitter addicts. It is probably the most complete Twitter client for Windows Phone 7 to date.

Twitter mobile product manager Leland Rechis wrote on the Twitter blog that the UI for this platform is called Metro; the platform provides Pivots, which he says “are sort of like pages of the app.” “Pivots allow you to swipe left or right to view different categories or types of information within a single application.” he says.

Download official Twitter app for Windows Phone 7

Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 Features, as listed by the official Twitter blog are as follows:

* Based on Metro UI
* Messages
* Lists
* Timeline
* Suggested users
* Create twitter account
* See what is happening on twitter without logging in and many more

Twitter for Windows Phone 7 is available download now either from the Marketplace on your phone or to download via Zune on your PC. If you already have played around twitter app on your Windows Phone 7 mobile device, then share your experience in comments.

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