O&O Diskstat 2 Professional Edition Free Serial Number

Current storage volume capacities have now skyrocketed into the terabyte range, the notion of so much space combined with the wide world of internet downloads has lead to ever increasingly diverse contents on today’s hard disks: from installed programs and games to videos, pictures and music. Regardless of whether at home or in a company network, ever-increasing amounts of data can severely affecte hard disk performance by slowing down the time needed for accessing files and making backups.

O&O Diskstat 2 Professional Edition is a high-power Disk Usage and File Analysis Software. With an easy-to-use interface based on the design of the Windows Explorer, o&o diskstat 2 professional edition gives users a quick overview of the usage of hard disk. Besides, the TOP10 function displays the largest files on the disk which are using the most space and slowing down the system. Through intuitive and beautiful graphical representations, you can identify and get rid of superfluous files, saving yourself valuable hard disk space in the process! You’ll be amazed at how much disk space you can win back simply by getting rid of the ballast.

O&O Diskstat 2 Pro

O&O Diskstat 2 Professional Edition Key Features:

  • IMPROVED: Graphic display in the user interface
  • Quick Analysis of the File System Structure
  • Supports All Internal and External Drives
  • Intuitive and Appealing Representation of File and Folder Structure
  • Windows Explorer Look & Feel
  • Easily Find Files Occupying the Most Disk Space
  • Full Support of 64-bit Systems

O&O Diskstat 2 Professional Edition Free Download Serial Number

O&O DiskStat 2 Professional Edition normally charges $29.95 per serial number / license key. As part of O&O Software promotion, interested users now can download the O&O DiskStat 2 Pro full version for free for a limited time period.

To grab your free license visit the O&O Diskstat 2 Professional Edition PROMO PAGE and enter your valid email address. Shortly the serial key will be sent to your email address.

O&O Diskstat 2 Pro serial

Download O&O DiskStat 2 Professional Edition x86 [26.01 MB]

Download O&O DiskStat 2 Professional Edition x64 [48.76 MB]

Install O&O Diskstat 2 Pro Edition. Use the registration information (Name, Company, and License Key) you received via email to unlock the full version of O&O Diskstat 2 Professional Edition.

O&O Diskstat 2 Professional Edition is 3-year old and supports Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Pro (32 Bit, 64 Bit).

Updated [February 15, 2013]: The old promo has expired but I find another new time limited free giveaway for this software. I change the date published for this post to make it up.