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Download Paragon Alignment Tool free

Paragon Alignment Tool,a  software to boost performance and lifespan of hard drivers,solves misalignment problems on 4K hard disk drives, SSD, RAID, SAN and in virtual environments.

The Paragon Alignment Tool (PAT) aligns partitions to significantly increase endurance of hard disk drives and SSD drives. Partitions can be misaligned because the physical sector size is not 512 bytes and software does not know about it. You can know more about alignment problem by downloading the whitepaper from Paragon.

According to Paragon Software, PAT tool boosts performance of Advanced Formant Drive by 300% and triples lifespan and performance of SSD (Sold State Drive).

And there is a good news that You can get it free  until June 30th only! Visit this link:

On completing & submitting the form you will receive a mail giving you the download links and the Product Key.Also,with a whitepaper download explains why misaligned partitions are a problem for hard disk drives and will specifically interest all IT specialists who manage large storage environments, data centers or virtual servers, as it answers the following questions:

•What is Partition Alignment?
•Why are misaligned partitions a problem for hard disk drives?
•How can Paragon’s Alignment Tool help?
•Why are misaligned partitions a problem for SSDs?
•Why are misaligned partitions a problem for SANs and RAID?
•Why are misaligned partitions a problem for virtual environments?

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