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PC Tools software has a number of professional security and PC utilities software, including the high-quality Privacy Guardian. I guess everyone knows what is CCleaner and PC Tools Privacy Guardian is like the commercial version of CCleaner. It is a effective, safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool. The product is well-equipped and covers the essentials. We can definitely recommend the software for secure and efficient PC and internet privacy.

Information from each website you visit is stored on your pc and recorded in hidden Windows locations including temporary files, cookies, system registry and the index.dat file. Some web browsers provide partial privacy protection by allowing some temporary Internet files and cookies to be deleted, but they do not clean data out of all the hidden files nor do they delete the data securely. PC Tools Privacy Guardian guarantees your privacy and make sure that you don’t have to worry about the others keeping a tab on your Internet Surfing Activity by ensuring  all online Internet traces and program activity records that gets stored in Internet browser  or other browsers and other hidden files on your PC,  are permanently erased and unrecoverable on your PC.

Download PC Tools Privacy Guardian

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PC Tools Privacy Guardian Features

  • Cleans traces of online Internet tracks, history information and other sensitive data
  • Permanently erases all traces of online Internet tracks, history information and other sensitive data from your PC
  • Support for a variety of web browser applications: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers
  • Support for a wide array of third-party software: 100+ third party programs, including chat, image viewing, P2P applications
    and more
  • Bleaches free space on a drive, rendering deleted information unrecoverable by standard file recovery methods
  • Restores valuable hard drive space and improves system performance

How to grab free PC Tools Privacy Guardian Genuine license Code?

As part of PC Tools promotional offer, users are now entitled to grab a free copy of Privacy Guardian 4.5, which otherwise costs $29.95 for use on up to 3 PCs.

To get a one year free license code for PC Tools Privacy Guardian 4.5, you need to go to this web page, Enter your first name, last name, email, country and click the Submit button. Make sure that you’re entering a working email address because the license key code will be sent there.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian Genuine license Code For free

Once you finished the online form, Your FREE Privacy Guardian license will be generated and emailed to the email address you provided.

Dear li,

As promised, following is the license code to your FREE version of PC Tools’ Privacy Guardian. Firstly, download the latest version at:

Then, once installed, simply input the details below and enjoy.

License name: li jin
License code: DEDD-59CC-961D-90CE-F7D1-E557-BE14-XXXX