Download PC Tools Spam Monitor V4.0 free

Most of us experience getting spam emails,  Some will say that we won millions of dollars and that we need to send our personal information in order to confirm our winnings, while others will try offering a seemingly great product that we just might want to buy.Spam emails can be dangerous.

Criminals today will do everything in order to get a hold of our personal information in order for them to use to commit identity theft. This is why we should be careful whenever we open our emails.

Thanks to the number of anti-spam and spam monitoring software programs available today, we can now protect ourselves from dangerous spam emails and phishing attacks.This particular software is very popular among people who use POP3 and IMAP4 mailboxes, such as Outlook, Outlook Express and Mozilla Mail.

One anti-spam software program is the PC Tools Spam Monitor software. PC Tools Spam Monitor software is very easy to use. However, don’t be fooled by how simple it is to use as it offers a powerful anti-spam technology that will continuously protect your inbox.PC Tools Spam Monitor runs in the background from your system tray,which will  scan your mailbox for e-mail spam automatically. If an e-mail arrives in your mailbox, it will immediately use the Blacklist and Whitelist filtering plug-ins to see whether the e-mail spam or not. If so, it will mark the message as read spam before it even.

Normally,It costs $29.95.But there is a Free Promotion thant you can download PC Tools Spam Monitor V4.0 free.

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  3. License will been sent to you email.You can download PC Tools Spam Monitor v4 from here