Download Powerdesk Pro 7 Serial License Key For Free

Powerdesk Pro is a file management software for windows operating system. Power Desk completely replaces Windows Explorer, and gives you a wide array of tools to search, edit, delete, move, sort, view and copy files, including those found on digital cameras or MP3 music players. With Powerdesk Pro, You can easily manage and organize files, images, music and more which will save you countless hours and frustration. In just one, two or three clicks, you can customize your PC: move, copy, zip, label, color code, search, view, prioritize, convert, and use your files the way you want to use them. Windows Explorer can’t do a fraction of what PowerDesk enables you to do!

PowerDesk  has been receiving kudos from editors, writers, reviewers and users for a lot of years. The latest version of this utility is Powerdesk Pro 8, and charge $39.95 for a single userSerial  license. Now, here is a promo which lets you download Powerdesk Pro 7 with free Serial License Key. In my opinion, the Powerdesk Pro 7 is enough for most of us, so if you are interested , hurry up to grab a free serial number.

Download Powerdesk Pro

Here’s just a few of the features of PowerDesk Pro 7:

  • Dual pane operation
    Powerdesk Pro 7 Makes it so easy to drag and drop files between different folders and drives.
  • Layout Manager
    Save complete layouts under single click icons or add these layout icons to your desktop, so PowerDesk starts up up exactly where you want it to!
  • Add Notes to Your Files
    With a right-click of the mouse, you can add notes to help organize your files.
  • Customize Your File Folders with Color
    Easily customize and prioritize your file folders with eight distinct colors.
  • File Info Column
    This feature prominently displays specific details about each file in the file pane viewer. For example, MP3 files will show a song title and run time. Images will show the size and resolution. Word documents show the document title, etc.
  • MP3 Collection Management
    Create and control playlist files for portable MP3 devices as well as multimedia applications, such as WinAmp or other MP3 devices.
  • File Viewer
    PowerDesk Pro 7 has improved file preview options, which allow users to view the contents of a file in a preview pane or as a thumbnail image. This is particularly useful for browsing files from digital cameras, whole directories of images, or MP3 players where you can even view by artist name, album title, or your own personal notations.
  • Powerful search files, include searching inside archives.
  • Synchronize folders for easy sharing with other PC, with your laptop, or for backup.
  • Convert more than 30 types of graphic images from one format to another.
  • Batch rename files.

How to Download Powerdesk Pro 7 Serial License Key For Free?

Visit the Registry Powerdesk Pro 7 promo page. Finish the online form and then click “Proceed and receive your serial codes”  button. Your free Registration license Key for Powerdesk Pro 7 will immediately be displayed. This license key will also be emailed to you.

Download Powerdesk Pro 7 Serial License Key For Free

Download Powerdesk Pro 7 From here, install and use the Serial License Key you got above to active it.

System Requirements of Powerdesk Pro 7:
Windows XP, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit,, Windows 7 32-bit (I havn’t tried it on Windows 7 64-bit) .