Download PretonSaver Home Edition With Free Activation License Key

Ink cartridge and toner is a huge business, and it is not in the good faith of the printer company to produce a printer that helps you to reduce your ink usage in anyway. When it comes to costs, you typically spend more in toner or ink cartridges than you do for your printer over its lifetime. PretonSaver Home Edition is here to help you cut the costs of toner and ink, potentially by a significant amount.

PretonSaver Home is a revolutionary solution for home printing that helps you save money by drastically reducing ink and toner
consumption without compromising on quality. Just run the program, then tell it the toner or ink savings level you want–anywhere from 0% to 70%. After that, just print your pages; you don’t have to do anything else. Of course, You’ll have to balance savings with print quality. According to pcworld, 35% is a happy medium. Print quality degrades only slightly at that level, and you still get reasonable savings.

PretonSaver Home Edition

Features and Benefits of PretonSaver Home Edition:

  • Adjust cost-saving levels for each print job between 0%-70%
  • Automatically omit pictures and graphics
  • Set your savings levels per format type (text vs. photo)
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Dramatically reduces toner and ink usage
  • Provides up to 70% cost savings while maintaining print quality
  • Prints more than double the pages per ink or toner cartridge

PretonSaver Home Edition is available in a one-year and a lifetime license key. Normally a one-year license key will cost you $19.95 to purchase. But now the developer is giving away one-year activation license key of  PretonSaver Home Edition for free.

To claim your free license, Just visit the giveaway page,  and enter your name and email. Your Free Product License Activation Key, download link and Activation Instructions, will be sent to your email address in a few minutes.

PretonSaver Home Edition Free Activation License Key Giveaway

Download PretonSaver Home Edition from here, It works with everything! All formats: documents, presentations, photos – everything! Any printer type: inkjet and laser jet printers! Any standard model: HP, EPSON, Canon, Lexmark,  Xerox…and more!

Please note:

1, The license can be used for either PretonSaver Home 32 bit or 64 bit version.

2, The free license does NOT entitles you to product support.