Download Samsung Galaxy S II Beach & Windmill Live Wallpapers for Your Android Phones

Samsung Galaxy S II, the latest flagship mobile phone from leading South Korean handset vendor Samsung, is just around the corner to be in stores. Galaxy S II is an impressive device packed with a nice range of features and capabilities, including a slim design, and a large 4.3-inch 800 x 480 Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen display, 1.2 GHz Dual Core Application Processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread with TouchWiz 4.0, high-end 8 MP AF camera that is capable of Full HD recording and playback. A cool feature of Samsung Galaxy S II is its new Live Wallpapers.

Thanks to Rawat from XDA, you can now enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S II live wallpapers before the phone is even out. Rawat has gotten his hands on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II and managed to rip the handset’s new Live Wallpapers from Samsung’s updated TouchWiz UI and made them available for use on any Android devices with WVGA display. These new Live Wallpapers install just like a regular .apk and do not require root access or any other system modifications in order to work. You can configure them just like any other live wallpaper.

The first one is a simple beach setting complete with sand and tide.

Samsung Galaxy S II Beach Live Wallpapers for Your Android Phones

And the second one features windmills instead of the beach, but they seem to share the same sky backdrop.

Samsung Galaxy S II Windmill Live Wallpapers for Your Android Phones

These new Live Wallpapers Beach & Windmill distinguish very much from others because they are both time-aware, so the animated backgrounds will change from day to night depending on the day time. You can also change the weather animation by tapping on the screen while on the wallpaper settings menu.

Check out the video below from SmartKeitai for a little review the Galaxy S II live wallpapers:

Download Samsung Galaxy S II Live Wallpapers APKs files:  Beach APK and Windmill APK

Note: While Samsung Galaxy S II beach Live Wallpaper and Samsung Galaxy S II Windmill Live Wallpaper look stunning, they are CPU-intensive and they may drain your phone’s battery quickly.

[Via XDA]