Download Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) Wallpapers Package

Canonical and the Ubuntu developers have released version 11.10 of their popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, code named as “Oneiric Ocelot”. Ubuntu 11.10 comes with a collection of 16 New Stunning Wallpapers contributed by community members , including the one that will be set as default desktop wallpaper. All the backgrounds Wallpapers are in high-resolution, ranging from art, sceneries, flowers, and other macro shots too.

Below are few of the wallpapers included in Ubuntu 11.10 official wallpaper collection.:

Official Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpaper - DybbølsbroStation

Official Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpaper - Momiji Dream

Official Ubuntu 11.10 Wallpaper  - Mount Snowdon, Wales

You can check out all the new Wallpapers at the Ubuntu tour site by clicking ‘View photos’ from the Welcome screen.

Download the  entire Wallpapers Package here.

Users running other operating systems like Windows and Mac will still be able to download the theme and extract the content wallpapers with the help of an archiving utility such as 7-Zip.