Download Verdiem’s Edison: Free energy monitoring software For Home Pc

Do you know that computer processing is currently the fastest-growing source of energy waste? Much of these waste is avoidable since most of us have simply adopted the bad habit of leaving the computer running for hours or even days when we are not even using it.  So, what exactly can we do to minimize the energy consumption of our computer processing — and subsequently reduce the carbon dioxide emissions every year?

One way is to use Windows’ built-in power-management features, such as system standby and hibernate, in conjunction with Wake on LAN (WOL). The standby and hibernate modes put computers to sleep when they’re inactive, and WOL wakes them up when desktop-management tasks are launched manually. There are also several third-party power management solutions, such as Verdiem Edison.

Verdiem’s Edison is a free energy monitoring software for home pcs, which enables consumers to measure, monitor, and manage their PC energy efficiency.  You can use Verdiem’s Edison to enhance the operating systems’ existing power settings with increased overall energy savings — and subsequently your household’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Verdiem’s Edison: Free energy monitoring software For Home Pc

Verdiem’s Edison has an easy to use user interface with a series of tabs to help you customize your settings. The “save more” setting will power down your display and hard drive after 5 minutes of idle time, and suspend your PC after 10. “Save less” means your display will be powered down after 30, your hard drive after 45, and never suspends your computer. There are several settings between those extremes as well. You can also customise the options if the sliding scale presets don’t suit you. Just choose your peak work and non-work hours, and when you want Edison to save more or less power.

The Estimated Annual Savings section is where you get a real idea of how much you are saving yourself. Once you plug in what your local power company charges for kilowatts per hour, Edison calculates money and energy saved per year, as well as how much carbon dioxide is not being emitted.

There are more than 1 billion PCs in the world to blame for an average of 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Verdiem’s ultimate goal is to get just 10% of the planet signed up for their free software. If they were to achieve this goal, it would take the equivalent of 500,000 automobiles off the road. So if you’d like to do your part to help the planet, take a few minutes to set up this free tool — a 27 MB download, a brief install, and a registration process (Verdiem’s Edison is free of charge, but you have to take amoment to active your registration).

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You may download Verdiem’s Edison from here .Verdiem Corporation has also launched another energy monitoring tool, called Surveyor, aimed at large to medium-sized corporations instead of home users, –and they of course charge for it. This corporate tool basically performs the same tasks and PC energy saving functions as Edison. But it can be managed centrally from one computer (usually the IT administrators’ PC) to help whole companies to reduce energy wastage and to save the environment.