Download VIRUSfighter Free Antivirus for Android Smartphone and Tablet

VIRUSfighter Android is a free, fast and lightweight mobile antivirus software which is designed from the ground up to protect your Android device against Trojans, viruses, spyware, key-loggers and other types of malware. VIRUSfighter Android is simple and easy to use, with high-speed scanning and uses minimal system resources.

VIRUSfighter Android can check your installed applications, data and new installations (before you use them) and it also has the ability to schedule scans so you never forget to keep your your tablet or phone protected.  With updates up to several times per day (depending on the frequency of new threats being released), VIRUSfighter Android is your total security protection.

VIRUSfighter Android

VIRUSfighter Android at a glance:

  1. Updated regularly as new threats come out
  2. On-demand scanning, which helps preserve battery life (optional on-access scanning coming shortly)
  3. On-Install scanning, to scan the latest installed applications before you use them to make sure they are safe
  4. Fast scanning technology
  5. Scheduled updates
  6. Scheduled scanning
  7. Supports Kindle Fire devices
  8. Helps businesses meet their security compliance needs
  9. Helps IT departments keep their networks safe

Download VIRUSfighter Free Antivirus for Android Smartphone and Table

VIRUSfighter Android is available from Google Play and (for Kindle). VIRUSfighter requires Android 2.1 and up, and is currently free of charge.