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Download Windows 8 Ultimate Edition Transformation Pack For Windows 7

In this post I am introducing you Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7. As you know Windows 8 milestone release is leaked and available over the internet a few days ago. Although that’s just an an early build and many of the leaked features of windows 8 is not present, some creative folks take this opportunity to enclose wallpapers, screen background, software and various features of Windows 8 to create a dedicated Windows 7 Transformation Pack to give you the feel and look of Windows 8 according to the features leaked and speculated so far.

8 Skin Pack designed by a DeviantArt member hameddanger is the latest Windows 8 Ultimate Edition Transformation pack which provides lots of new features along with a newly designed interface. Though it looks very similar to the windows 7 and windows vista, there are many new changes like the redesigned taskbar, Explorer, new boot screen, login screen and so on. If you want to have a taste of what Windows 8 “Should” or “might” be, you can try this Windows 8 Transformation pack!

Here is the link where you can download the Windows 8 Transformation pack: 8 Skin Pack 1.0 For 7. A wizard will guide you through the installation of 8 Skin Pack 1.0 For 7.

Note: Please keep in mind that such transformation packs can be painful to get rid off and sometimes even a system restore point will not revert the changes. We recommend you to backup your computer before installing the Lion Skin Pack, so that you can revert the changes if required.

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