Dr.Web update its antivirus product components

Today,Dr.Web Antivirus 6.0 has a slower update,and with a large files transmission.Sure enough, the Quarantine zone bug has been resolved, and now dr.web has a perfect show on Taskbar.

July 8, 2010 Dr.Web update its antivirus product components (Translation from Russian website using Google ,as there is no updated news on english Official website)

Dr.Web Antivirus 6.0

Doctor Web, “reports an update of some components in the personal and server products: Dr.Web version 6.0 for Windows (32 – and 64-bit systems).Fixed  A number of errors, including some critical bugs, and made a significant improvement. Significant changes have affected the three components of the anti-virus: control module (agent), Web anti-virus module and self-defense.

In the agent corrected the error, which could lead to its crash in the process. There have also been removed due to incorrect display of menu items, improved interaction with the manager of the quarantine. There was an added option of notification of the need to scan in those cases where it has long been carried out. The user can run the scanner immediately, or postpone the test.

 In addition, the added function including  necessary language interface. In the dialog box, turn off the self-defense an opportunity to display the “captcha” in audio format in case of difficulties with recognition of digits.

Web Anti-Virus SpIDer Gate now allows you to change settings without breaking the Internet connection. Significantly improved compatibility with non-standard http-client. Ability to control logging, already available in other modules antivirus. The mode proxy, in connection with what the appropriate settings have been added to the GUI web-antivirus. Now SpIDer Gate supports domain names that contain characters. Among other changes – improved compatibility with firewalls and removal of test files by default.

The module Dr.Web SelfPROtect eliminated the causes of possible failures launch modules of Dr.Web for computers running Windows 7, the critical system errors when working with the network and memory leaks in the network subsystem. There was also corrected the error, which caused when the self-defense is not played out tones Antivirus for Windows Vista and above. However, the very self-protection has been strengthened, including by adding new methods of anti-malware.

For all three components and modules for automatic update was finalized graphical interface and improved with the certificate.

For users of Dr.Web version 6.0 will automatically update components, and the need to restart your computer.

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