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DupeZap Disk Cleaner Free Full Version Serial Key (Mac)

DupeZap (common called “DupeZap Plus“) is an easy to use Mac utility designed for searching and removing duplicate files and folders on a Mac. DupeZap comes with a search mode which includes more than 90 pre-defined searches to find all duplicate/empty files or folders, such as matching names, date of modification, file size and much more. DupeZap can also access the metadata files that are in iTunes or iPhoto. It allows you to search by the tag, duration and bit installments of MP3 and AAC sound files and EXIF metadata, search the contents of the iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, databases and Mail mailboxes, and synchronize deletions with iPhoto, Mail and iTunes. With just few clicks you can delete duplicate files and folders that pile up over time and waste valuable disk space.

DupeZap has a security system that assures you will keep at least one file of the duplicate group on your disk, it also provides the ability to undo copied and moved items and the ability to restore trashed items as long as the trash is not emptied, even after a restart of the computer.

Key Features:

DupeZap Free Full Version Serial Key

DupeZap is normally priced at $19.99 per serial number / license key. As part of the promo offer by  StackSocial Inc, you can download DupeZap with full version serial key for free for a limited time. Head over to the StackSocial Deals page here now for more info and to get your free license. You need to like / follow and share the deal on Facebook or Twitter.

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