DVDFab UHD Creator 11 Free 1 Year Full Version Download

DVDFab UHD Creator is a consumer level 4K UHD authoring software which allows individual users to produce studio level high quality 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays for home purpose. The resulting 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays are of the studio-level specifications and are totally compliant with standalone 4K UHD Players.

DVDFab UHD Creator

The supported input video formats include all the commonly seen video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, M2TS, VOB, etc., whether in normal resolutions like 1080p, 720p or 480p, or in 4K resolution, and no matter if there is HDR10/Dolby Vision content in the video. As for the output, the software offers multiple choices. Depending on the input size, there are three options to choose, namely, the BD25 2160p, BD50 2160p and BD100 2160p. With the BD25/50 option, users can save the resulting 4K Blu-ray movie to computer HDDs as an ISO file or folder, or burn to a blank BD25/50 disc. But with the BD100 option, they can only save the output as an ISO file or folder.

DVDFab UHD Creator offers two different processing modes, Passthrough and Conversion. The Passthrough mode only handles the MKV and M2TS videos with HDR10 or Dolby Vision content, and there is no compression, decoding or encoding involved in the entire process. While with the Conversion mode, users can deal with all the other videos out there and are given additional options to compress the input sources of a larger size down to smaller size.

DVDFab UHD Creator Key Features:

  • Produce Premium 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays at Home
  • Retain the Premium HDR10/Dolby Vision Quality
  • Produce lossless output to enhance the processing speed
  • Automatically choose suitable output size per the input size
  • Multiple Output Choices to Meet Specific Needs
  • Lightning Fast Conversion and Processing Speed

DVDFab UHD Creator 11 Free Full Version Download

DVDFab UHD Creator normally charges $59 per serial number / registration key. DVDFab are having a giveaway of DVDFab UHD Creator 11 (latest Windows version), where everyone can get a one year full version license for free.

1. Go to the giveaway page here or here (Page in German, use Google Translate if needed) , enter your email address and press the Senden button.

2. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with the instructions for the activation of the software. If the e-mail hasn’t arrived within 15 minutes, please check your spam, bulk or junk mail folder to locate it.

3. Download DVDFab 11.0.28 offline installer: 64 bit. Please note, only the 64-bit version of DVDFab 11 have the UHD Creator module, so make sure you download and install the correct version of DVDFab 11 onto your PC;

4. Install and active one year full version with the license your received. Take note, DVDFab is a “modular” program — it has various different modules built-in that provide different features. As part of this giveaway, you get full access to the UHD Creator module. All other modules are only available to you at additional cost.