Download BANG! 4th of July Free Game for iPhone, iPod, iPad

BANG!” is the world’s best selling wild-west themed board game designed by Emiliano Sciarra and published by DV Games, winner of the Origins Award (Best Game and Best Design) and listed as one of “the best 100 family games” of all times. Set in the wild west, BANG! is a tactical game in which every player has a different role and objective, but roles are secret!

BANG! 4th of July is a special Edition of this best seller for the Celebrations of the 4th of July. Play this free, easy version of “BANG” with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, King George III and other characters of the American War of Independence and discover the basics of the game that has enthralled over 700,000 players in the world.

BANG! 4th of July

In this special Edition of BANG! :

  1. Six characters, Patriots and Loyalists: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Deborah Sampson, George III, William Franklin and Benedict Arnold.
  2. Brief historical introduction on each character.
  3. 5 roles: Sheriff, Deputy, Outlaw and Renegade
  4. 80 cards (permanent and immediate, including 7 unique cards)
  5. Genuine vintage weapon sounds.

Download BANG! 4th of July Free for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Download BANG! 4th of July Free for iPhone and iPod touch from this link.

Download BANG! 4th of July Free for iPad from this link.